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29 March
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The Rule of Benedict

Listen carefully, my child, to your master's precepts, and incline the ear of your heart ; receive willingly and carry out effectively your loving father's advice, that by the labor of obedience you may return to Him from whom you had departed by the sloth of disobedience. To you, therefore, my words are now addressed, whoever you may be, who are renouncing your own will to do battle under the Lord Christ, the true King, and are taking up the strong, bright weapons of obedience.

Discover the abbey’s Shop

Bookstore, CD (Gregorian songs, church organ and religious music), whole range of honey-items, homemade products from sisterhoods and products from Normandie. You will obviously find the traditional wax from Saint Wandrille and the well-known onsite brewed monastic beer.

Discover our Projects

Although our daily needs are currently fulfilled with the fruit of our labors, we cannot afford the major heritage renovation projects that have to be conducted. This is the reason why the Bathildis Campaign has been launched (named after Saint Bathilde, first benefactor of the abbey).

En ce temps d'épidémie la communauté des moines prie pour vous, pour les personnes atteintes et leurs familles, pour tous les soignants et ceux qui gouvernent le pays.