A future to be written together

Founded by Saint Wandrille in 649, our abbey is a living place , loaded with a fruitful history, where our community of thirty Benedictine brothers perpetuates a tradition of prayer and work, of silence and simplicity. It is also a unique architectural and cultural heritage that the monks have never ceased and do not cease to maintain and pass on.

We need you !

The fruit of our work allows us to meet our needs and ensure routine maintenance, but we cannot alone ensure the important projects that must be considered. This is why we set up this Bathildis project: an exciting human and spiritual project, in which we would like to involve as many people as possible.

Fr. Jean-Charles Nault

Abbot of Saint-Wandrille

Three major projects

Restore the Gothic Cloister

The cloister of Saint-Wandrille, one of the two complete Gothic cloisters in Upper Normandy, suffers the ravages of humidity: soil in peril, stones and gnawed sculptures, development of moss and algae ...

Building a Hotel

Saint-Wandrille Abbey has various reception areas. But the capacities of these buildings are too small to accommodate groups over several days ...

Rehabilitate the "East" wing of the Abbey

Accidentally destroyed in the 19th century, the end of this building, of Maurist architecture, must imperatively be consolidated. The choice was made to extend the building, which will allow the creation of new essential spaces ...

A project already completed

Thanks to your generosity, the restoration of the ruins of the old abbey has been successfully completed. We thank you!

The work was carried out in successive stages.