The Gothic cloister

Restore this remarkable architectural heritage in great danger

As usual, the community launched the work in successive steps, as allowed by the financing possibilities.


  • Paving the northen gallery (in progress);
  • Restauring the portals and statues of the southern gallery (in progress).

With your help, we will be able to acheive these last steps:

Summary of the work in a few photos

2018 — Preliminary sanitation work

Before beginning the restoration work, it was necessary to stop the ravages of humidity. A series of works was undertaken: the revision of gallery’s coverage, the installation of a drainage system in order to lead runoff waters into the Fontenelle stream…

2019 — The East Gallery

An apprentice carpenter restoring the doors of the chapter house.
Restoration of the vaults and claddings done.
Restitution of the parapet and pinacles.

2020 — The West Gallery

Kit parapets!
A small look through the scaffolding.
Second restitution done!

2021 — The North Gallery

The sculpted blocks are ready.
They are lifted above the refectory building.
Our sculptor had a lot of statuaries to restore in this gallery.
… including, the beautiful Renaissance lavabo and around the refectory’s doors.
Last pinacles! Each gallery has a different pattern of parapet: all of them are from the

2021 — Paving the West Gallery

The glazed earthenware tiles were made following the traditional method.
Tiles’ colors were based on the remaining fragments.

2022 — Paving the North Gallery

The same tiles, green and yellow, were put in this other gallery.
To end it up, the lavabo was given its taps back.

2022 — The South Gallery

The work on Notre-Dame de Fontenelle begins…

All thanks to our sponsors, who made this possible:

Région Normandie
Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
Fondation du Patrimoine