The Saint-Jacques Hotel

Build a reception area for groups

As it is place where one seeks God, the abbey is also a place of welcome and renewal open to anyone wishing to deepen their faith, take a step back, take a break… The Saint-Wandrille Abbey has different lodgings to receive guests individually. But the capacities of these buildings are too small to accommodate groups over several days. The Saint-Jacques hotel, built a short distance from the abbey, will meet this ever-growing demand.

Thanks to the first donations, the works were able to begin,
With your help,
it will be possible to proceed to the construction and the fitting out of this building.

In respect of the environment

The proximity of the listed buildings of the monastery presents a real challenge for this new hotel and we have taken special care in the construction. We have chosen noble materials: half-timbered frames, slate roofs, limestone, lime plaster … Quality and long-lasting, all of them are part of sustainable development. The local style recalls that of the nearby village.

The materials and products used indoors, for floor, wall and ceiling coverings will have an environmental label such as NF environment or European Ecolabel.

Control of energy costs and maintenance:

  • Geothermal heating with probes
  • Hygienic ventilation with installation of very low consumption extraction units
  • E2C Certification

We only initiate the successive stages when we have a reasonable share of funding


The construction of the chapel Interior design of buildings The interior layout of the chapel The purchase of various furniture and equipment Outdoor landscaping: gardens and car parks

Project progress

The frame is magnificent. The roofers are late!

june 2021
all advances

The bell tower of the church has arrived.

may 2021
the chapel is going up. The interior partitions too.

The stonemasons are installing the windows of the chapel.

The plasterers are at work. Above, the dining room with its French ceiling.

Seen from the road, the main building has been rendered. It is now clearly visible.

The masons have prepared the foundations of the chapel, the plan of which is clearly visible. On the left, a sacristy and a confessional are planned.

april 2021
The foundations of the chapel.

march 2021
the main building is expanding.

The framework is progressing well, and the second part of the building is being prepared.

february 2021
the framework is coming.

The scaffolding is erected in order to put in place the framework of the main building

January 2021
an overview

The roof of the frame of the small building is moving forward.
The framework of the small building is finished, the roofers will arrive. The first floor of the main building is almost finished. On the leftmost part of this building will be installed half-timbering, currently under construction.

October 2020
The walls go up

October 2020
The ground floors

The half-timbering of the small building.
The walls of the ground floor and the garden level of the main building.
The walls of the ground floor of the main building.

September 2020 The walls go up

May 2020
Layout of foundations

Earthworks for the main building.

March 2020 Arrival of the crane

The crane is in place to start the foundations.

February 2020 Installation of the site

The bitumen is now laid and the base installed.
to be continued …


Eight geothermal boreholes were drilled 150 m deep to provide 80% free natural energy.
to be continued …