My name is Wandrille

Wandrille, nicknamed Wandon, is of course first and foremost a saint, who founded our monastery in 649 and entered into the light on July 22, 668.
But Wandrille is also a beautiful name.
In 1980, under the abbatiate of Dom Levasseur, a register was inaugurated listing the Wandrilles entrusted to our care. Over the past 35 years, the list has grown to nearly 500! The community is happy to pray for all the Wandrilles entrusted to its care.
In 2017, we organized the first “Wandrille Day”, bringing together 120 bearers of the first name, along with their families – an initiative to be repeated!

This is a long-standing idea, but it has never come to fruition. Dom Jean-Charles Nault took it up and tried to implement it. This wasn’t easy, as the addresses given at the time of the recommendation to the community prayers had often changed over the years.

however, 225 invitations sent out

We received 121 positive responses. We had invited not only the Wandrilles, but also their families. In all, 620 people signed up for the day! We chose the penultimate Saturday of the vacations.
As the registrations came in, we realized that we’d need to work out some major logistical arrangements, as welcoming 620 people to the Abbey is no easy task. How could we best welcome those who had accepted our invitation? We had to take into account safety issues, the weather, the management of cars and crowd movements… The generosity of our new commune of Rives-en-Seine – loan of marquees, tables, chairs, etc. – was invaluable. It must also be said that Providence allowed the sun to shine, which really simplified things!
Around Madame le Maire de Saint-Wandrille and several of her deputies, some twenty people from our village devoted themselves all day to welcoming, serving and tidying up. It’s really thanks to them that the day was a success.

course of the day

Participants arrive from 9.30 am.
In the abbey’s main courtyard, everyone is greeted by the Abbot, then invited to go under the cloister, where a coffee or cold drink is served.
At 11:00 am, solemn mass is celebrated for Saint Ouen, archbishop of Rouen at the time of Saint Wandrille, and precisely celebrated in the diocese on August 26. The first 60 Wandrilles to arrive have the joy of being placed with the monks in the choir stalls. Carpets for small children and plenty of seating enable everyone to settle into the abbey church. The precious relic of Saint Wandrille is on display in the choir.

After mass, in the cloister, we take a photo of the Wandrilles, while the other participants join us in the courtyard of honor for a picnic. We have a good time eating and chatting, in glorious sunshine. We serve cold drinks and a few extra desserts to enhance this moment enjoyed by all.

At 3:00 pm, we gather in the abbey church for a recital on Saint Wandrille. Three brothers read from the oldest life of Saint Wandrille, known as the Vita prima. The reading is divided into several chapters, separated by an organ piece.
Following this recital, the Wandrilles step into the monks’ choir to receive the solemn blessing, as a “missionary send-off” to testify to their joy at being Christians in the midst of the world.

Mardi 18 et mercredi 19 juin : Messe à 12h. Lundi 17 et mercredi 19 juin : Vêpres à 18h45